Ukrainian charity organization “Ya-Mama!” was founded in July 30, 2010

To live only for oneself  means to stay poor; to be rich and happy – to help people.  To GIVE is always   happiness.

Our aim is to inspire a woman for changes, motivate to actions, which can change her life, fill her with sense and joy. We want to help a woman to find herself, so it means – self-realization and to find those, whom she could help, so it means – to give somebody a piece of happiness, cause every woman is beautiful, talented, clever, with great inner potential.

We as mothers stand up for the most important human values: Family, Motherland, Childhood.

For us it is important who our children will be and in what society they will live.

Our activities:

Social activities – protection of women’s, children’s, youth and families’ rights.

We make popular the values of family, childhood and motherhood, using such instruments:

  • TV program “Ya-mama!” on Zhytomyr TV;
  • The newspaper “Ya-mama!”, which is spread in kindergartens, schools, policlinics and hospitals in Zhytomyr;
  • Social advertising (our organization is a winner of Ukrainian competition of social advertising “Ukraine – the nation of healthy people”;
  • Socially oriented projects (celebration of Mother’s Day, photo exhibitions, “round tables”, theme meetings, women’s clubs, cooperation with international organizations and state agencies in the sphere of educational and medical reformation, social protection of vulnerable segments of population etc.).


Charity activities of our organization is carried out on the base of Centre for children, youth and women “Ya-mama!”. We have thematic lessons in the Centre on a charitable basis:

  • For women (beauty master-classes, decorative arts, relax-therapy, fitness, pediatrician and nutritionist consultations, psychological consultation, thematic seminars, religious meetings).
  • For children (developmental activities, social rehabilitation, photo-sessions, psychologist, games, communication, Canistherapy).


We take the tutelage of:

  • Families with disabled children;
  • Solo-parents;
  • Vulnerable families with many children;
  • Orphans.


We help with essentials ( food, clothes, medicines, things of personal care), and money for treatment.

We would like to invite you to become a partner or volunteer of our organization.

1 hour per week for those who need  your help!