This gift of a recalculation of 14,000 hryvnias, which were collected by children of Zhitomir, Department of Education has prepared for courageous Sofia Stanishevska. For many years the girl fought for her life. And after surgery and chemotherapy, for the little girl with a terrible diagnosis – brain cancer –  the last step is replacement therapy in Moscow. The price 50,000 hryvnias for a large family is unattainable, and time is left only two weeks. However, the five years old girl believes that thanks to the kindness and responsiveness of adults she could feel the sweetness of childhood.

Holidays are over, but the children, whose bright life time is eclipsed by serious illnesses continue to believe and hope for a miracle. Dear adults, respond to the call of the small souls. Each of us can prove diseased children, that childhood is really happy and carefree time. Unfortunately, Charity Alley cannot function all the time, but the charity portal  ZADOBRO.IN.UA starts his daily job from July,1. It’s easy to help – just do it!

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